Manufacturers are set to benefit from dry storage and warehouses to be unveiled countrywide by regional leasing firm, Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL), in what pundits termed as a sharing economy. The model dubbed ‘space share’ will ease manufacturers’ logistics headaches since they don’t need to own warehouses and storage and therefore not incurring the cost of building and even renting the entire space that they are not using. Businesses will only be required to pay for the space they are using as they share the other space with others in trucks or in the warehouses. This will enhance the traditional warehouse market, from temporary trailers to Airbnb-style matchmakers that provides warehouse space and logistics together.

Space Share is expected to revive the distribution model that has collapsed countrywide and revamp supply chain networks to embrace e-commerce expectations. The Naivasha based asset leasing firm’s new strategy to ease cost of storage for manufactures indicates a growing shift by companies in a bid to slice cost of doing business in these challenging economic times. The regional lessor becomes the first company in the region to come up with a space leasing scheme for manufacturers, suppliers and hauling companies. Such consumer’ oriented innovations for the mass market have made the firm bag various awards. The lessor was recently ranked by various award organizers as the preferred leasing firm in the region.

According to VAELL Kenya’s MD, Bertha Mvati, the country has a cute shortage of warehouses and dry storage where manufacturers can store their goods as they wait for customers to buy. This has contributed to a low manufacturing due to fear of goods going bad.  

 “This invention is demand driven. We are responding to the market needs. Manufactures have been asking us if we can have this model in Kenya. We are happy that finally we have been able to come up with a product that suits their needs. It is being practiced in developed countries and we believe it will be a success here too,” added Bertha.

With the dry storage and warehouses businesses can store their merchandises in strategic locations where supplies can be made proportion to the market demand. The warehouses will also act as distribution centers and hence enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction.

By providing enough space to store products closer to the consumers, space share will reduce trips made by manufactures’ daily from Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Nakuru and other industrial areas to make deliveries in the rural areas,” said Bertha Mvati, Vaell Managing Director for Kenya.