Our Contract Options

    Our solutions are fully customisable to suit individual and specific requirements. What further sets our  service offering apart is our ability to partner with our clients. We get to know and understand your operations before designing a tailor-made solution, because we take cognisance of the fact that every client has different needs and requirements. Some of our contract options include:

    Operating Wet  Lease (OWL)

    An OWL is a comprehensive fleet management solution at an agreed rental for the use of specifically selected vehicles over a set period of time and distance. In terms of this all-inclusive, hassle-free contract, we source, procure and deliver the vehicles /plant and bear all ownership risk and maintenance costs.

    Dry Lease (DL)

    The DL solution is a hybrid leasing solution in which specifically selected vehicles are used at an agreed rental over a set period of time and distance. VAELL takes back the fleet at the end of the contract period, so the client faces no disposal risk. Maintenance and service costs, however, are the client’s responsibility.

    Fleet Maintenance (FM)

    FM is a solution that offers operator-owned fleets a proactive vehicle maintenance cost management service. The costs of servicing and repairs are strictly monitored and controlled. This option can be utilised in conjunction with an OWL, or as a stand alone product.

    Sell and Leaseback

    Mitigate the risk of ownership by transferring your assets at an agreed, competitive price to VAELL. This should shore up your liquidity and help your business establish a positive cash-flow movement.  In exchange you shall keep on using  the assets at a fixed monthly rental cost. Learn more here.