Gym and fitness equipment leasing

    gym-equipment-leasingWhether you need replacement gym and fitness equipment, upgrading an existing facility, or looking to set up a brand new gym facility, hustle no more. We pride ourselves to offer flexible and affordable gym and fitness equipment leasing solutions that give you the option to lease virtually any fitness equipment you need.

    Many businesses turn to our gym equipment leasing solution as their preferred method of acquiring equipment, as it is flexible and overcomes many of the drawbacks of outright ownership. Once you’ve tied up capital in fitness equipment, it is locked away forever. By contrast, fitness equipment leasing allows you to pay for the asset over its useful working life and means that you can utilize capital more efficiently and effectively. This is because the benefits of acquiring gym and fitness equipment do not come from owning it, but from utilizing it.

    With our assistance, we will help you to maximize budget and increase efficiency throughout the equipment life cycle, thus enabling you to run a modern and a safe gym facility. Our guiding principle is flexibility in approach, providing tailor-made solutions to meet your business requirements.

    Below is a partial list of some of the gym and fitness equipment that we can help with through one of our flexible heavy equipment lease options.

    • Quadriceps table.
    • Tilting table.
    • PNautical wheels.
    • Rowing machine
    • Wall bar.
    • Suspension therapy unit.
    • Tummy Twister.
    • Treadmills
    • Barbells and Dumbbells.
    • Hyper Extension, adbominal  and preacher Benches.
    • Chin Up / Dipping Bars
    • Leg Press Machine.
    • Seated and standing calf machine.
    • Lat Pull Down Machine.

    For more information, and to find out what gym and fitness equipment leasing options are available, please call us on +254 786 982 479 or email us.