Construction firms are set to benefit as the German leading manufacturer of compact and construction machines, Wacker Neuson Proprietary Limited, enters into a distribution and dealership agreement with the regional leasing firm, Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL). This comes as the manufacturer seeks to grow their dealer network and be closer to the customer as Africa speeds up infrastructure development projects fronted by governments and private investors. In the arrangement the leasing firm will market, sell construction and mining equipment manufactured by the German firm. The leasing firm will support the German Equipment maker in Kenya and countries where it has presence such as Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Zambia. In the arrangement, the equipment-sharing platform, Quipbank Trust Limited, has been earmarked as the sub-distributor of the Naivasha headquartered firm. The manufacturer currently has an outlet in South Africa that will work hand in hand with the new East African dealer. The new dealership is expected to increase the lessor’s variety of our products (equipment) as it also invests heavily in dealerships, in addition to its leasing specialization.  

“The dealership is strategic for us as it will grow our equipment catalogue and help deliver great customer service to the construction industry that is currently growing in the region with high demand for modern construction equipment. With this new signing, we will be able to meet various requests that have increased in the recent days and further solidify our commitment to delivering customer value and product innovation. We remain optimistic of tremendous growth opportunities in the continent,” said Bertha Mvati MD for VAELL Kenya.

The growing construction and mining sector in the region has created the need for modern construction equipment that are specific for the task. Gone are the days where a contractor used to work with one equipment that will perform almost every need in the construction site. With this in mind every contractor is shopping for suitable equipment that will make their work easier, cost savvy and efficient. This has attracted various equipment manufacturers that have pitched tents in Africa.

According to the statement sent to the newsroom, the lessor shall purchase the machines from the manufacturer and then market and sell them in its own name and on its own behalf in the markets they operate in. This dealership will be a vital step in strengthening the construction equipment industry as it will see contractors and miners’ access Light Equipment and Compact Equipment that are currently very scarce in this particular market like rammers, wheeled excavator, vibratory plates, rollers, soil compactors main content light towers and light balloons for outdoor illumination. The availability of these machinery will result in easy access to modern equipment, better cost management and increased efficiency.   Developments in new construction technology have always driven construction forward. Construction firms are equipped to build stronger, taller, and more energy effective structures with less cases of accidents like before. Modern equipment like these has made construction sites safer and workers more efficient. It has escalate output, advanced teamwork, and handle projects that are more complex.

While commenting on the dealership, Ivaney Turyasingura, Quipbank’s Regional Sales and Fleet Manager said, “The new dealership and distribution agreement is part of our focus on ceaseless efforts to support the construction industry in the Eastern Africa. The availability of modern construction technology and processes will also help improve efficiency and workplace safety. We will continue to provide the best possible solutions and expand our reach to meet the needs of all the aspiring construction customers.”

According to industry pundits, the mining and construction equipment industry in the continent is currently evolving and experiencing a steady transformation as it grows from a low volume, intensive use of modern equipment to high volume of special purpose equipment. The uptake of the equipment is expected to grow as people embrace technology and shun manual labour. The advantage of using special purpose equipment is to minimize likelihood of human error and decreases human fatigue during repetitive tasks.

Wacker Neuson, the world-class leader in construction and mining machinery, says they will work together with the East African partner to provide solutions and ensure customers have access to the best technology that will reduce drudgery at the workplace.  

The Managing Director of Wacker Neuson Sub-Saharan Africa, Dennis Vietze, said, “ as part of our strategy for growth and being near to the consumers we are working with our East African counterpart to help us serve this particular market. When we move close to customers, we are able to appreciate market needs and therefore develop best solutions that will fit the ideal scenarios. This will also help us lessen lead times due to faster and easy access to products and spares, ensuring optimised productivity for our customers. Our customer-centric approach allows for the product to reach the customer in an efficient manner regardless of location.”

About The Wacker Neuson Group

The Wacker Neuson Group is a leading manufacturer of compact and construction machines. They offer customers a broad product range and extensive services rendered worldwide. Since their founding in 1848 – at the time still known under the name “Wacker” – they have grown into an internationally operating group of companies with a dense worldwide sales and service partner network. Their reputation is essentially determined by the actions, appearance and behaviour of every individual. As diverse as the employees of Wacker Neuson may be, the basis of action is always to make a consistent and sustainable contribution to the future.  


Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL) is the market leader in asset leasing, maintenance and consulting in Eastern and Central Africa region. It has presence in the automobile, healthcare, mining, agricultural, telecommunication, construction, gas and oil sectors. It has managed to diversify and expand its portfolio by offering customized solutions to suit every client’s requirement and need. VAELL, the leading provider of integrated leasing services for a broad range of moveable assets and machinery across the region, has geographical coverage with fully-fledged subsidiaries in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. The leasing firm has a correspondent relationship with other leasing companies in South Africa and India. It facilitates clients with vehicles and machinery throughout the region from any one-country office across its network.

In 2014 VAELL won the award for the Best in Transport, in the Top 100 KPMG/Business Daily survey, and 2015 shot into Club 101 in the same survey. It has scooped 14 awards in the last 5 years. The leasing market leader was named in 2018 by East African Business Council Tanzania as the best East African Company in The Service Sector. The lessor has also been named in South Africa’s Titan Building Nation awards in the outstanding achievement category.

VAELL was recently hosted by Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) onto its premium incubation and acceleration programme, Ibuka. VAELL also owns Quipbank Trust Limited, equipment sharing platform and TingA, East Africa’s largest tractor share platform.