About Us


    Africa’s Leasing Leading Partner.

    about-usVehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL) is an independent asset leasing, maintenance and consulting company. Established in 2006, we have established ourselves as the foremost expert in asset & plant lease acquisition and maintenance, providing services in an array of sectors across the economy.

    We have a comprehensive network with fully fledged subsidiaries in five countries; Kenya (HQs) ,Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia. In addition to the five countries, we also have ability to offer leasing services in over 20 other countries  in Africa through off-shore structures.

    Our extensive client list bears testimony to our ability to provide organizations of all sizes with invaluable leasing solutions that help them successfully compete and grow. Over the years, we have developed extensive experience across a wide range of industries such as Manufacturing, Mining, Construction & energy, IT and telecommunications, Retail, Health, medical and pharmaceutical, Education, General commercial, Banking, finance and insurance, Government and regulatory bodies, Hospitality, and entertainment.

    Our latest solutions have seen us become a leading provider of asset leasing acquisition solutions to governments in the region with a fully fledged Government leasing Consulting Division. We have recently introduced an alternative payment mode for the rental instalments of our leased assets. Our clients now have the option to pay their rental instalments in kind at a fair value of their products.

    As one of the regions provider of leasing solutions, we have stood as an indispensable partner in enabling our clients grow their profitability exponentially, while considerably improving their productivity and reliability. We offer them peace of mind by taking over all our client’s asset risks, backed up by experts with cumulative decades of industry experience, best industry practices, innovation and efficiency.